Operation & Maintenance

Following its commissioning, an asset shall be Operated and Maintained.
For the asset’s owner, the main challenge is to be sure the asset is 100% operational and reliable for its entire lifetime.

Owner, Operator and Maintenance Company

For its own fleet, SEAOWL is the:

  • Asset Owner
  • Asset Operator
  • Asset Maintenance Company

We assist Assets' Owners:

When the Asset Owner is the Operator:

Seaowl is in charge of the maintenance / asset’s availability.

When the Asset Owner is not the Operator:

Seaowl is the Operator and/or Maintenance company including the seabed maintenance
(See our Teleoperated Services).

Part of the Operation & Maintenance cycle, Seaowl handles as well the safety and security side of the service
(See our Surveillance Services).

In some other cases, the owner subcontracts both Operation & Maintenance. Those both activities can be carry-out by the same contractor.

The most efficient and cost effective scheme is to delegate both Operation and Maintenance to only one contractor.

The O&M activities is requesting several skills:

  • Technical skill (Mechanical, Hydraulic, electrical….)
  • Method skill, and Plan Maintenance System competency (Software)
  • QHSE skill  (Work permit, dangerous permit…)

Since, the Marine Department management is under the flag state rules, operator's skills are even more demanding for its conditions of validation:

  • The contractor company shall be well approved and certified by the flag state (state authority), and each employee shall be certified and qualified by the flag state.


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