Field Surveillance

Oil & Gas sites cover broad areas, generally located in remote, inaccessible places in open seas or on land, and are often subject to hostile environmental conditions. These sites have many key areas which are the targets for piracy, theft, traffics and in the worst-case scenarios, terrorist attacks. Thus, it is a major challenge to ensure the protection of these expensive infrastructures, production processes and human lives in the most sensitive areas of the world.

Strategic Area To Be Monitored

Experts in field surveillance, we combine multi-sensors data transfer and processing with a proprietary rule engine. Custom-designed for each context, our solution optimizes resources for an enhanced maritime surveillance.

Customers' specific needs are at the center, identifying which threats are involved (piracy, illegal fishing…) and analyzing field configuration. Together, we define automatic & personalized alarms, fleet monitoring & management as well as the integration of sensors & data processing centers. In addition, the web-based client server architecture is configurable, connectable and accessible worldwide from any web browser, allowing our team, with the client's consent, to always be by your side.


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