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SeaOwl manages the complete recruitment cycle from sourcing, recruitment, mobilization and personnel planning for energy customers. It is specialized in highly-skilled profiles and the underlying activity of designees / staff mainly covers drilling and off-shore oil rig management. It also provides scalable, integrated operations & maintenance resources and services covering the lifecycle of energy assets, as well as teleoperated surveillance and maintenance services

O&G and Geothermal Companies have fluctuating staff needs over the lifetime of their projects and most of the workforce is outsourced.

Seismic surveys are used to find subsurface rock structures that may contain hydrocarbons.

Directional wells can be used to drill multiple wells from a common drilling pad or to reach a subsurface location beneath land where drilling cannot be done.

In the O&G and Geothermal domains it covers Geophysics, Geology and Reservoir expertise.

As a result, most of the operators require technical specific expertise for the follow up of their Subsurface operations and rely on very reactive Technical Assistance services providers as SeaOwl satisfying all the players expectations Industry and Designees.

In particular, in the Subsurface, trusted niche players active with strong local footprint such as SeaOwl are the preferred partners of the Industry.

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O&G Companies have fluctuating staff needs over the lifetime of their projects and most of the workforce is outsourced. Investments depend of their current financial health and of the envisaged projects’ profitability that are both driven by oil prices

When the market conditions are gathered, the industry is massively investing in the exploration and production (E&P) infrastructure required:

  • To meet the global growing demand
  • To adapt to more and more complex exploitation environment (onshore/offshore environment or in Deepwater, HP/HT environment)

Consequently, most of the operators require technical specific expertise for the supervision of their operations in the domain of Drilling, Fluids and wells operations worldwide.

Those activities are critical at the beginning and launch of new projects, and remain mandatory during the O&G life cycle.

Specially in the Drilling Expertise, the Industry looks for trusting niche players active in various geographies and strong market connections.

The main expectations are highly flexible and very reactive Technical Assistance services providers such as SeaOwl, satisfying both the customers’ needs and designees’ expectations.

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Oil and gas projects are a succession of highly demanding phases which requires a strong emphasis on compliance, cost, and planning.

Oil and Gas operators and EPCC Contractors are collaborating with Service Companies to meet those high targets in a timely, effective, and quality fashion.

From the early phase of conceptual design, all the way to O&M and production, SeaOwl is providing procedures, know-how and manpower resources to accommodate its client’s needs.

During the Construction and Fabrication phase, SeaOwl delivers service to support its clients providing all the required manpower for the construction phase, both for blue and white collars.

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The Commissioning phase consists of checking and testing all functions according to their design parameters in conditions as close as possible to the design conditions, and includes performance tests on mechanical equipment, water washing, flushing and drying of equipment and piping as well as control systems operability and functionality.

The Commissioning activities are performed after construction and pre-commissioning is completed and may be applied not only to new projects but also to existing units and systems subject to expansion, renovation, or revamping.  

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Operation and Maintenance phase consists in ensuring the functionality and efficiency of a facility and its operations to make sure that safe operational performance and production are optimized while costs are minimized.

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Energy companies working offshore, have fluctuating vessels needs over the lifetime of their complex offshore projects and most of them are outsourced.

Offshore Installations (Wind Farms, O&G Fields…) require a permanent marine follow up for the high demand in multiple Vessel Services.

Chartering is a specific activity within the shipping industry whereby a shipowner hires out the use of their vessel to a charterer.

A core business revolves around the chartering department. The Industry is looking for turnkey solutions where they seek the available and specific vessels suited to their operations.

The Market is looking for a dedicate team of experts linked to the Marine and Energy networks and able to provide different types of adapted solutions (vessels, logistics, customer clearance, local compliance…)covering their needs, such as SeaOwl can provide.

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Oil & Gas sites cover broad areas, generally located in remote, inaccessible places in open seas or on land, and are often subject to hostile environmental conditions.

These sites have many key areas which are the targets for piracy, theft, traffics and in the worst-case scenarios, terrorist attacks.

Thus, it is a major challenge to ensure the protection of these expensive infrastructures, production processes and human lives in the most sensitive areas of the world.

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In the offshore industries, valuable assets sit above and below the surface of oceans & seas.

These sensitive areas are the targets of threats such as piracy, terrorism and all sorts of traffics because of their economic importance and the difficulty of securing large offshore operations. Moreover, illegal fishing is growing in restricted areas such as Exclusive Economic Zones.

All these assets require maximum safety due to demanding environmental constraints. Ensuring proper operation, in complete safety, is essential.

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