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SeaOwl provides marine support services for the Navy and Defense industries. It assists its clients on a wide range of services including Navy training, salvage and anti-pollution, marine equipment qualification support, newbuilding vessels trials and commissioning, logistics support and fleet management, teleoperated surveillance services.

Asset protection Asset Protection Maritime Surveillance Navy Training Navy Training Depollution & Salvage Commissioning & Sea Trials, Operation & Maintenance Maritime Surveillance

For a shipyard, the main challenges to deliver a new-built vessel are, among others :

  • Comply with the technical specification
  • Comply with the time to deliver

To address those challenges the shipyard shall perform the hereunder steps:

  • Perform the equipment’s tests and the commissioning according to technical specifications
  • Perform trials at sea to validate the asset performances

Moreover, the commissioning and sea trials periods are usually the ideal milestones to train the client, elaborate the asset’s technical documentations and user manuals. Those steps are paramount for the yard and client since it is usually payment milestones.

To carry out those steps, the yard needs the full cooperation of the client in order to act as witness in a tense time laps. Those steps are sometime the beginning of technical/commercial disputes and may generate delay on the delivery for the hereabove reasons.

As a result, the yard and the final clients are both of interest to contract an independent third party company in order to perform the commissioning and the trials.

The yard takes advantage of this third party company in order to train the final client and carry-out the documentation.

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Following its commissioning, an asset shall be Operated and Maintained.

For the asset’s owner, the main challenge is to be sure the asset is 100% operational and reliable for its entire lifetime.

In many cases (either for Energy or Defense sector) the owner is subcontracting the maintenance or the life support plan.

Why ? Because the asset owner's core business is not to maintain the asset, but either to commercially and technically operate it, or only to commercially operate it and delegate the Operation to a third party.

The O&M Contractors schemes:

  • Asset Owner / Operator
  • Asset Manager / Contractor
  • Asset Maintenance company / Contractor

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Naval forces are facing a number of challenges in terms of capacity & utilisation:

  • New generation of ships require smaller & highly trained crews to handle technologies such as smart weapons
  • The admiralties must utilise the whole operational capacity
  • The admiralties delegate support missions to free operational fleet capacity
  • The support fleet & missions are consequently sub-contracted, including training missions.

Performing Navy training support services requires expertise in military operations:

  • Ability to propose training services & scenario in compliance with the navy’s standards & rules
  • Capacity to operate & supply resources for live training in a large scale realistic environment, 365 days a year
  • Qualifications to manage a variety of sophisticated equipment's to cover the whole scope of the training missions.
  • The service provider is embedded into the Navy Training department

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Seas and oceans are the scene of many conflicting situations. Illegal trafficking, illegal fishing, and various terrorist activities are conducted through the seas. Yet, seas and oceans are home to many important activities such as trade, tourism, oil & gas activities...

International passenger and freight transport, fishing, and various military shipments are carried out on these waters. Maritime surveillance operations are thus of great importance to ensure that all activities on the seas and oceans are carried out safely.

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In a context of rising asymmetric threats at sea, such as piracy and terrorism, major navies worldwide are highly preoccupied by those issues and are looking for efficient solutions to upgrade their naval defense equipment.

Indeed, any air, land or surface threats must be early detected to protect valuable assets, vessels and human lives.

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Governments around the world shall ensure the safety at sea, protect their coasts against marine disasters and, in case of pollution, should be able to minimize its impact.

A challenge facing the industry is the increase of vessels' sizes, particularly in container ships, LNG carriers, or carriers and passenger ships.

These new mega-ships present difficulties due to their size. To achieve this challenging mission, governments shall deploy powerful salvage vessels.

This mission is either managed by the navy, coast guards agency or is delegated to private companies.

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