SeaOwl offers independent consultancy expertise in Subsurface Domains such as Geophysics, Geology and Reservoir with management, planning, acquisition, evaluation and/or supervision services across the complete asset lifecycle, from initial phases of field exploration, data evaluation, conceptual design to end of life abandonment operations.

SeaOwl provides a wealth of experience in Subsurface Domains from data acquisition, QC and witnessing, data evaluation and characterization, Field evaluation, Field optimization.  SeaOwl offers support services at any level for operators including:

  • Reservoir Engineering services
  • Reservoir Modeling & Engineering Analyses
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Geological studies
  • Geophysical Studies
  • Petrophysical – Log analysis
  • QA/QC in data acquisition
  • Expert personnel

SeaOwl has the network to deliver Geological & Geophysical services to the highest standards. This discipline is validated and supervised by our in-house referents and selected experienced senior consultants who have a track record of working on a wide variety of projects worldwide.

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