January 18, 2022


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Seaowl Group is pleased and proud to announce its acquisition by Walter Butler’s investment company.


Butler Industries invests in various sectors, in French or foreign companies undertaking real industrial projects.” see https://butlerindustries.com/

The investment company now owns 100% of the Seaowl Group’s capital.

Our president Xavier Génin declared himself very pleased with this operation: “Having a 100% French capital is important in view of our state clients and the administrative constraints related to “confidential defense”. At the same time, the prism of Butler Industries, through its previous experiences in the maritime sector, is very relevant. We got along very well together and we will be able to build a privileged and long-lasting relationship. We are now committed to the long term, which was also a decisive criterion in this operation.”

This new acquisition by Butler Industries is in line with its investments over the past 30 years. It allows our Group not only to pursue serenely the development of our projects of High Tech added value but above all to give them the “boost” necessary to achieve the ambitious objectives that are ours.

For the benefit of private or state customers, it will enable the Group to reveal its potential in the fields of remotely operated vessels, surface drones and cyber security to pursue its development in the safety/security at sea markets.

This is excellent news for our Group while entering 2022!


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